Each and every client is an individual to me – a project starts with me listening closely to what you have to say, what your aspirations are for the project and what your boundaries are.

Tom Dolenec

Tom Dolenec is a Professional High End Photographer & Retoucher,
with a proven track record of successful projects and productions within various areas of the media and commercial industries for the last 20 years .
– specialised in complex photo editing, retouching and creative photo storytelling.
– clients all over Europe, mainly in commercial sector, from fashion editorials to beer campaigns.

The only way to achieve good results is through good communication.

His photo editing is very precise and skilled.
Images are handled with care, understanding and the utmost attention to detail.
From background removal to high-end pixel-level skin retouching, from sophisticated color grading to manual dodging and burning, from luminance masking to complex digital compositing.


Having got so many years of hands-on practice, my service can help you to be ahead of all competitors, creating a masterpiece from any shot.


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